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*** All U-Bolts are Bent to your Selected  Dimensions and are Non-Returnable ***

**Most orders (20 Pieces or less) ship same
day if ordered by 10:00 EST **

**Orders over 20 pieces take additional days or weeks depending on the size of the order**

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*** Important information. Read before ordering ***

(A) 3/8" - Our UBolts are Fine Thread (SAE). When ordering your UBolt, the diameter you order will be the diameter of the threads. The un-threaded portion of the UBolt is approx 1/64 to 3/64 smaller in diameter.

(B) 6 1/2" - Inside Width (we bend around a die this size). Some ubolts will measure slightly wider due to the rod material. When you properly torque the ubolt, normally they will tighten in to the width chosen. U-Bolts must be tightened and torqued properly using a cross pattern sequence. View the torque guide here

(C) Selected Inside Length. This measurement can vary by 1/4" to 1/2". Thread Length on U-Bolts are generally 1 1/2"- 3", or more depending on the length of the rod. If you need an exact thread length, please call us toll-free at 1-877-HITCH-IT (448-2448)

3/8" U-Bolts are Grade 5 Steel with No Finish and Fine Thread Only (SAE). Nuts, Washers, and Plates Sold Separately.

Depending on the current inventory, you will receive one of the following when ordering your ubolts:

Centermark 2.0 = Black, Clean, Dry stock finish (Cannot be coated)
Plain Oily = Plain finish with oil (basic mfg. oil)

If you plan on having these coated (hot or cold dipped galvanized, painted, etc.) please call us prior to placing your order to ensure you receive the Plain Oily.
If you would like a quote on Stainless Steel, Yellow or Clear Zinc, please all us at 1-877-448-2448. For zinc and stainless steel coated orders, there is a 50 piece minimum order. Unfortunately we are not able to do galvanized ubolts at this time.

Please note all ubolts will rust without proper coating. Even then, this does not guarantee that they will not rust. This depends on the amount of time they will be used and the environment they will be used in.



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